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In India, the peacock is a national bird and everybody loves to watch him. Among the other birds, the peacock is unique, beautiful, and more attractive. Not only in India, but people from other countries also liked to see the peacock. But, it is not possible to see the beauty and dance of peacocks in reality. The government keeps peacocks safe and secure due to nationalism. However, there is one idea that can help you to enjoy the beauty of peacocks at home.


The painting of the peacock is available in attractive designs and a stylish look. Through these paintings, you can see the dance, beauty, and attractiveness of the peacock. For bird lovers, the presence of peacock painting is a must at home, workplace, clinic, lounge, bar, etc. Instead of obtaining a peacock at home, it is better to hang the painting to attract everyone!


Why are Peacock Paintings Reliable & Popular?

According to the research, people want to live happy and healthy nowadays. Due to the pandemic period, most people lose their hopes and happiness. But, now, no one wants to sacrifice his/her happiness. In this regard, peacock painting is the best wall art for your house. Half of the population in the world is crazy to buy peacock paintings because:

  • Nationality: - Many people love their country and nationalism. That is why; they love to hang peacock paintings at home or in the office. To continue patriotism, people like to use this painting on the walls.

  • Bring hope for happiness: - Peacock stands for happiness, hope, and sacrifice. In other words, you can feel happiness by getting hope without the fear of sacrifices. Peacock painting is an admirable wall art to adorn your house/office.

  • Gives a unique flavor: - Undoubtedly, you can add a unique flavor to your room and office. The presence of peacock painting helps to enhance the look of the walls in your house. By bringing peacock paintings, you can increase the personality and charisma of the space.

  • Bring gorgeousness: - The fashionable peacock painting helps to create a gorgeous and attractive look to your room. Plus, you will feel so happy and stress-free by looking at the dancing peacock abstract painting.


Know Some Attractive Designs & Styles of Peacock Paintings!

The artists divided peacock painting into several forms as per customer’s demands and needs. You can find out different types of layouts, designs, and themes of peacock painting. Have a look at these attractive designs:

  • Peacock canvas painting

  • Peacock abstract wall painting

  • Beautiful peacock fashionable painting

  • Peacock DIY painting

  • Peacock panel wall painting

  • Peacock oil painting

  • Peacock wooden frame wall painting

  • Peacock acrylic wall painting

  • Peacock oil and hand-made painting

  • Beautiful peacock handcrafted painting


Choose Best Peacock Wall Painting for House/Office!

Selecting the best wall painting may be complicated for you. Different designs and styles may confuse your mind. So, it is better to select a unique and best peacock painting for decoration purposes. By following some essential steps, you can pick out a different wall art:

  • Find out awesome designs and themes: - The first thing to choose to paint is its designs and themes. Design is the only thing that can attract other people. So, you could go through canvas, abstract, panel, fabric, handcrafted, and others.

  • Examine the ideal shape: - Usually, the shape of the painting plays an important role to increase the charming of your walls. At your home, you can go for rectangular, square, circular, landscape, portrait, etc.

  • Choose a different shade: - The shade/color of the painting should be distinctive and amazing. You can choose the shade of black, white, blue, red, green, and so on. Bring attractive color and appeal to the appearance of your space.

  • Hang in the best place: - Before hanging peacock painting, it is necessary to determine the ideal location at your home or office. At home, you can go to the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, hall, corridor, and so on. The workplace, cabin, meeting room, reception, and conference room are the best place to hang these paintings.


Buy Peacock Painting Online on DecoreMantra!

Peacock painting is a different and awesome wall art to adorn your space. In other words, it can boost the appearance of your walls and personality. At an affordable price, the peacock painting is available at DecoreMantra. Through the official website (, you can directly buy the peacock painting online. Apart from peacock painting, you can also go for other paintings like nature, animals, birds, sky, weather, waterfalls, rivers, and others.



From DecoreMantra, you can get all types of fashionable and attractive decorative appliances for the household. In the comparison of other platforms, you can avail of exciting/exclusive offers on your purchase. In other words, all the items are available at an affordable price to adorn your space/location. Bring these wall arts and make your house good-looking with awesome designs!

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