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One of the best Modular Kitchen providers in Lucknow is DAF modular kitchen. They are known for their creativity and technology to make a brand new modular kitchen. This is started by youngsters with vast vision in mind to provide a quality design kitchen and creative wardrobes as well as wooden products on the demand of costumers. The principle of DAF modular kitchen is Durability, Scalability, and Modularity.

It is a terminology uses for the modern kitchen formation which includes a number of cabinets to support different things in different sections. There are two sections known as floor section and wall section respectively. The floor section is defined as having cabinets attached to the floor while the wall section is defined as having cabinets attached to the walls near the rooftops.

As we all know, there are lots of issues of space in flat and apartments, modular kitchen helps us in saving the space as well as to shine out more in the less.

L-Shaped Layout

Straight layout

U-Shaped layout

Parallel layout

Island layout

Peninsular kitchen

Modular Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen reciprocates our personality and style. The one basic problem which everyone faces is that there is not enough space. So, there are some ideas to design a modular kitchen in a creative way:


Pull out cabinets- It de-clutter and helps to utilize every bit of cabinet space. We can easily access a hundred percent and also get heavier items from our cabinets with minimum effort.

Corner Sink- The corner of the kitchen is the toughest part of the space to be utilized properly. Corner sink kitchen can be a good option to occupy the corner space. Corner sinks also add a specific vision to our kitchen.

Magic corners- Magic corners have also made a proper impact on how corners are used. There are L-Shaped layouts as well, where the front part is pulled out and a side shelf magically appears.

Dish drying cabinets- Having a dish drying column over the sink makes it very easy as the waterfalls into the sink directly. The rack can be made with a wooden front cabinet cover, like the rest of the shelves in the kitchen, so that it can blend with the rest of the kitchen design. Thus the utensils can be dried without making the kitchen look messy and compromising the design.

Drawer systems- Modern Kitchen Furniture Designer drawer fittings transform cluttered drawers of cutlery, cooking spoons, or snacks, into an organized presence. There is also a number of attachments that can help us to organize our pots and pans. Imagine the difference this could make to our cooking routine.


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