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Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination for scuba diving during your all-inclusive vacation in Mexico. To choose the right place to dive in Cabo, you should consider water temperature and clarity of the water. Diving has been a popular activity in Cabo San Lucas for about 30 years now. The warm climate, clear water, and pristine reefs make it a great location for spearfishing and scuba diving.


The best place to dive in Cabo is the Marieta Islands because of its low pollution and the beautiful coral reef that can be found there. It is just offshore from Los Cabos near Baja California Sur, Mexico, all year round. The temperature at this destination ranges between 28 - 32 degrees Celsius (82-90 Fahrenheit) throughout the year.

1.Isla Espiritu Santo:  One location is Isla Espiritu Santo - this island has over 50 shipwrecks in surrounding waters above sand bottoms. It also has kelp forests (giant brown algae) along the coasts where there are many creatures who hide among its thick folds such as lobsters, octopuses, crabs, and more unusual things like seahorses.

2. La Poza: Another good place to dive is at La Poza which has a variety of things to see including coral, sea turtles, and tropical fish. Near the lighthouse, there are several popular spots for spearfishing because of all the large schools of jackfish that can be found there.

3. Cabo Pulmo National Park: Cabo Pulmo National Park is also another great spot for diving. It is known for it's healthy reefs filled with sponges, anemones, parrotfish, and moray eels in brightly colored caves you can swim through. This area also features rare big yellow Mexican lobsters (a cousin of the Maine Lobster) which you can only find here in Mexico! There are no shore dives here but it is easy enough to do boat dives and for divers of all levels.

4. Marieta Islands: Our final suggestion is the Marieta Islands which are covered in soft and hard corals and it's also a great place to see an array of tropical fish, turtles and reef sharks. Divers will be able to explore shipwrecks underneath thick layers of coral where lobsters, crabs and other creatures like octopuses make their homes.

5. The average water visibility at Cabo San Lucas is around 40 feet (12m) during the summer months although we have had some dives with 60+ feet (20m+) visibility!

6. To get your driving license you'll need to take a course that consists of:

A 30-minute theory class followed by a two-day practical session that includes:

· One open water dive to a depth of at least 10 meters

· A second, deeper dive to a minimum depth of 18 meters

· A third and max. fourth dive that takes you close to 30 meters deep.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination for scuba diving in Mexico. To choose the right place to dive in Cabo, you should consider water temperature and clarity of the water. Isla Espiritu Santo has clear water but could be too cold for some people. There are also many other good places to dive there that are suitable for all kinds of divers. To avoid infection, one must be very careful with the water. The most common injuries in Cabo diving include ear infections and cuts and scrapes from coral and rocks. There is a variety of fish to see in the whole area, including giant sea bass, yellowtail, grouper, and triggerfish. Dive spots such as the La Bufadora dive site have an average depth of 25 meters. Many types of corals can be found at this site so advanced divers can enjoy it too.

Where to stay for an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico?

If you want to have the best times during your vacations in Mexico, then you must choose Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa at Cabo San Lucas for the most wonderful and unforgettable experience of your life. This place is near to some of the best beaches in Cabo and offers 24 hours service. Every room has a separate balcony overlooking the beach to give you the heart whelming experience every day and night. The best part about this all-inclusive resort in Mexico is the amazing Spa services offered to relax and rejuvenate the guests with the best therapies and massages.  

Moreover, there are many restaurants to satisfy your taste buds ranging from world-class cuisines that include Mexican, Italian, American, Japanese, and Asian food items 

There are huge swimming pools where you can take a dip or enjoy food poolside with your family and friends. There is also a kids zone where you can take the kids for fun activities. The nearby 

Overall, if you want to experience nice scenery while having fun under the sun during your summer vacation, getting certified for scuba diving is just right for you. Cabo San Lucas is a well-known summer destination in Mexico due to its warm water and great sites for diving.

Don't forget to be careful about the water when you are diving! Have fun!


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Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México C.P. 23450 Cabo San Lucas - 89

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