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About "UMMnews"

A significant proportion of the world population is fed-up with the mainstream media because it has become a tool for mind programming. It controls our thinking and behaviour. It creates our wants and makes us buy things. It generates a sense of fear, and makes us support unnecessary wars – the wars that make rich richer, and poor poorer. It leaves out half of what we need to know, and spreads oceans of official nonsense. It spins the news ‘stories’ and twists the information.

To counter this challenge, the public need an alternative source of news and a regular antidote to the mainstream media, and that’s what UMMnews is trying to do.

At UMMnews we believe that an informed public is essential to solving the challenges of our time. UMMnews tries to provide readers with the facts and analysis they need to intelligently participate in creation of a more just, equitable and sustainable society. UMMnews is about reporting correct news. It’s articles and opinions are about thinking, questioning, observing, and providing ideas that are lacking in the mainstream media.

UMMnews is about being Upfront, Moral and Mindful.

UMMnews is not for profit organisation. It is run by a community of passionate volunteers, within a strict framework of neutral and accurate reporting, under the guidance of a Board of Advisors.

Anyone can contribute. News items, Articles and Opinions are written individually or collaboratively for a local or global audience. We strive at all times to meet the policy of reporting from a balance point of view, and ensuring our writing is Upfront, Moral and Mindful.

  • A Wadood
  • ummnews@yahoo.com
  • 0416800991
  • Roadways Street, Gandhi Nagar
    Uttar Pradesh, India

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