Zavenir’s Water-Based Rust Preventives Will Get The Job Done, ‘Safer’ And ‘Better’

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Rust is something we all see around ourselves and is easy to identify with its flaky, red-orange appearance on any old and weary metal surface. Rust is formed on the surface of a metal, mainly iron and steel surfaces, upon prolonged exposure to oxygen or moisture. The metal reacts with atmospheric oxygen and moisture to form an iron oxide which we know as rust. Rusting is the corrosion of metal surfaces and can pose serious problems in industries such as the manufacturing sector, which are heavily dependent on metalworks as rusting may lead to equipment failure and malfunction, increased power consumption, etc.


Seeing that rusting can pose such major problems, the industry has come up with solutions, such as rust preventive fluids to deal with the problem effectively. These rust preventive fluids protect metal surfaces and machine parts before, during and after the metalworking and machining as well as during storage at the factory. This way, semi-finished products and finished parts are protected until further processing and assembly, or during transport. Application of Rust Preventive Oil to the metal parts helps you prevent this corrosive attack and save a significant amount of money for your business.


Since there are a wide variety of rust preventives available nowadays, it’s important to understand the basics to help you choose the one that better suits your needs. Rust preventives are specially formulated for lubrication and protection of metal surfaces from atmospheric corrosion. They contain polar substances that allow them to adhere and to film the metal surfaces preventing corrosion. Rust preventive agents are either water-based or solvent-based. Water-based agents are considered to be more efficient and safer for the concerns of environment, health and security.


Being one of the leading chemical partners of the manufacturing industry, Zavenir offers a wide range of innovative and technology-driven rust prevention solutions, including water-based corrosion inhibitors.



The NOX-RUST® WAXES are a range of rust preventive waxes by Zavenir, based on the CCI (Contact Corrosion Inhibition) technology and provide long-term protection against corrosion, especially to vehicle bodies during their usage life. The NOX-RUST® preventive waxes are also available in water-based options which are more environmentally friendly and compatible with painted & non painted, ferrous & non-ferrous metal surfaces & plastics.


The NOX-RUST® best metal Anti Rust Oil is based on the SACI® Technology, which provides superior outdoor exterior corrosion protection during lay-up & mothballing. This rust preventive coating by Zavenir is also available in water-based options and provides extended product life, improved operating costs and great ease of removal.



The NOX-RUST® VCI liquids and powders are another range of rust preventive products by Zavenir and are based on the Daubert VCI® technology. These are especially useful in providing continuous corrosion protection to the exposed and unpainted metal parts in enclosed systems. The NOX-RUST VCI liquids and powders are also available in water-based options and can be applied via the methods of fogging, spraying, dipping, or brushing to enclosed metal surfaces like boilers, turbines, heating/cooling systems, etc. These products can also be applied via fogging into shipping cases to protect unpainted sections during the shipment process. In addition to reducing the CPC cost and low consumption, the NOX-RUST anti-corrosive packaging offers great ease of removal and are compatible with a wide range of industrial fuels, lubes and processing fluids.

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