BAMS Admission at Shri Santanpal Singh Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Shahjahanpur UP

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SH 43, Noorpur Tarsoura, Uttar Pradesh 242221 Sahjahanpur - 242221

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SH 43, Noorpur Tarsoura, Uttar Pradesh 242221 Sahjahanpur - 242221

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BAMS Admission at Shri Santanpal Singh Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Shahjahanpur unfolds as a journey commencing tentatively from the second week of July, around the span of 10th to 31st July. Admission decisions, shaped by merit or entrance criteria, resonate with the college's commitment to academic excellence.

Identity Cards become the symbolic insignia of each student's academic voyage. Issued post-admission, these cards encapsulate a student's essence with a recent photograph, attested by the discerning gaze of the Principal or Chief Proctor. As a key to academic sanctity, the identity card stands ready to be presented at any moment. Should it go astray, a duplicate, like a phoenix, can be reborn for a prescribed fee.

In the kaleidoscope of academic life, attendance paints the hues of commitment. With a mandatory 75% attendance threshold, students embark on a daily rhythm from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with the possibility of additional theory or practical sessions. The heartbeat of examinations echoes annually or per semester. Submission of examination forms and fees punctuates this academic cadence, and diligent students seek information from the college clerks, ensuring harmony with university timelines.

University Enrollment, akin to an academic baptism, demands the initiation of fresh exam-takers into the Rohilkhand University fold. Armed with migration certificates and enrollment fees, students sow the seeds of their academic identity, awaiting the bloom of results post-enrollment.

Beyond the classroom, DDCE fosters a holistic education tapestry. Personality development, language proficiency, mini-projects, sports, cultural activities, and dialogues with industry luminaries form the threads weaving this eclectic fabric.

In the complex dance of counseling procedures, the steps are choreographed in alignment with Ayush guidelines. From registration on the official UP Ayush website to physical reporting in Lucknow, aspiring minds navigate a structured sequence. Notably, transparency reigns supreme, with no direct admission or management quota and an open-seat policy devoid of reservation in private colleges.

Eligibility criteria form the gateway to this academic sanctum. NEET candidates with a 50% aggregate in 12th grade (PCB) and 50% in English find themselves on the threshold of this Ayurvedic odyssey.

The document process, a ritualistic unveiling, demands originals and attested copies. From provisional allotment letters to NEET exam artifacts, each document plays a role in this academic drama. As aspirants physically report to the allotted ASU & H College, their journey is marked by adherence to a meticulous document checklist.

For those seeking the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in Ayurvedic education, the journey begins with a call: 09140349449 or 09389097888. The echoes of academic pursuit resonate in the corridors of Shri Santanpal Singh Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, awaiting the next cadence of eager learners.


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