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Booking Engine Software

An online booking engine is a tool used by organisations to develop their business travel online. As well as making bookings, online booking tools usually require organisations to view real-time data on their business travel spending, track their travellers online and enforce business travel policies.

TripFro online booking engine software assists you to customize as per business requirements. Customize the design to match your website, set up rates and policies with ease. Attract online bookings with added services. Create last-minute special packages as per the trends of the season to win guests over.

Online booking is a convenient way for travellers to research and book their holidays or work trips. They’ll use the internet to browse travel websites and look for hotels, airlines, car rental, guided tours, attractions, and more. Using online booking methods, travellers can often book and organise an entire trip in one sitting – sometimes from a single website. They can also plan and create itineraries for their trip.

People book packages give them more enthusiastically because they get accommodation, services, and other advantages at a more favourable price. Additionally, your hotel will be promoted free of charge by guests sharing their impressions of the faultless service.

How does Booking Engine Software work?

Online booking software is a convenient way for travellers to research and book their holidays or work trips. They’ll use the internet to browse travel websites and look for hotels, airlines, car rental, guided tours, attractions, and more.

Automate the process of online hotel booking with the TripFro booking engine. Your guests get prompted for deposits / guarantees to, whenever they try to confirm their bookings. All online payments and cancellation charges are captured as per the policy defined in the system. Automated email confirmations are sent to users with confirmed reservations.

It’s easy to personalize login for customers with TripFro's online hotel booking system. Empower customers to develop their own bookings, make payments, and send special requests for their stay. Make them feel special by promoting guest loyalty and enhancing your repeat business.

This will enter the booking engine to communicate with the channel manager and update availability and pricing information in real-time. Finally, you should test the connection to make sure that all data is transferred accurately. By connecting a booking engine with a channel manager, you can manage your online bookings and availability from a single platform and streamline your operations.

Key Features of Booking Engine Software:

Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly interface is essential to allow customers to navigate your website with ease. The website should load quickly on all devices, enabling customers to plan and book on-the-go, increasing the chances of booking. 

Online Booking

A good hotel booking software should allow you to handle on-desk and online bookings. You must also be able to monitor online bookings made through your website, this will give you greater flexibility to cater to all customers

Secure Payment Gateway

An integrated payment gateway is vital to provide a secure payment process, It ensures that customers place their faith in your brand and complete their hotel booking engine. When choosing the best hotel booking software, a secure payment gateway is critical in building trust with customers.

Review Management

Encourage guests to leave online reviews for your hotel booking engine. Reviews are crucial to a hotel’s reputation and business, and a proficient business hotel booking software enables you to record and promptly reply to individualized guest feedback, which significantly enhances the odds of their conversions from occasional guests to loyal customers. 

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services have been a game-changer for the hospitality industry, as they allow hotel staff to access data remotely, enabling them to work more productively while promoting social distancing and keeping guests safe. Hence, cloud-based services are a necessity for the best room booking software in today’s digital age.

Real-Time PMS Data

Connects directly to your PMS, giving you more control with real-time yielded rates and inventory.

Drive Direct Bookings

Increase the number of direct bookings with our intuitive user-interface and reduce your reliance on OTAs.

Seamless Website Integration

Unlike the competition, Fuel’s hotel booking engine integrates seamlessly into your existing site using your own URL.

ADA Compliant

Provide a fully accessible booking experience to your guests who need a little assistance.

Built Mobile-First

Reduce friction and leverage the same psychological tactics as the OTAs with a better booking experience.

Why your website needs a booking engine?

Booking Engine Software typically includes features such as a room availability calendar, room rate management, property descriptions and photos, secure payment processing, and email confirmations. Some hotel booking engine software may also give additional features such as guest reviews, loyalty program integration, and multi-language support, all in an effort to give the most seamless user experience possible.

An online booking engine can enable your customers to book in the language they feel most comfortable in, and pay in the currency that creates the most sense for them. This gives them the comfort and ease-of-use most customers hope for, and sets their expectations even before they arrive at your property.

TripFro booking chart maintains a real-time check on all sold and unsold inventory, whether through an OTA, website booking engine, travel agent or a walk-in giving your entire sales, front office and operations team an always updated view of reservations.

Benefits of Booking Engine Software:

Easily integrate in Hotel Website

Simplify Hotel Booking Process

Instant Booking Confirmation

Reduces operational costs

Saves Time

Online Hotel Inventory Distribution

Hotel management.

Improve customer booking experience

Increase booking and revenue

Increased revenue and business efficiency

As we’ve mentioned before, custom booking engine software can help businesses enhance revenue by enabling direct bookings via their website, eliminating the need for third-party booking sites and reducing commission fees.

Enhanced customer experience

These days, customers won’t wait for a website to load. With so much competition in the market, users are much more likely to look elsewhere for the product or service they need, rather than wait for an outdated and bulky website to load.

Real-time availability and increased flexibility

The biggest benefit from the user’s perspective is that an online booking system can give them real-time updates on room availability and pricing, ensuring accurate information and decreasing the risk of overbooking.

Data Analysis and Insights

Finally, booking engine software can give businesses valuable data and insights into customer behaviour, booking trends, and revenue performance. This information can be critical for businesses to create data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

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