Free Okta Certified Professional (OCP) Exam Questions

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Your knowledge and proficiency in managing and configuring Okta Identity Engine (OIE) are validated by passing the Okta Certified Professional (OCP) exam. You can obtain the "Okta Certified Professional" title by completing this fundamental Okta certification. To better prepare for the OCP certification Exam, candidates can benefit from the Free Okta Certified Professional Exam Questions that cover the latest exam syllabus.

The main subjects of the Okta-Certified-Professional Exam:

1) Identity and Access Management

2) Industry Knowledge:

3) Okta Technologies and Processes: 

Part 1:

1) Exam Name: Okta Certified Professional (OCP) exam

2) Exam Code: Okta-Certified-Professional

3) Exam Format: Multiple-Choice Questions

4) Total Number of Questions:30 - 40

5) Time Required:30 minutes

6) Total Time Durations Both Parts:2 hours & 30 minutes

Part 2: Interactive setup in an active Okta setting (one hour and twenty minutes): This hands-on section evaluates your practical knowledge of setting up Okta features and capabilities. You will be asked to address real-world problems in the Okta environment by using your knowledge of the subject matter.To further aid in their preparation, candidates may also go over the Okta Certification Exam Practice Questions and prepare even more efficiently for the Okta-Certified Professional exam.

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