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Are you looking for a freelance clone script to support your business? This is the best readymade solution to hire global talents and complete a wide range of products. You will find multiple categories to list thousands of jobs, and secured payment gateways to conduct hassle-free transactions. Check out the best features –

A Freelancer clone script typically includes the following features:

User registration and login: Users can create accounts and log in to the platform to access its features.

Project posting: Employers can post their projects and requirements on the platform, including project details, budgets, and deadlines.

Bid submission: Freelancers can submit bids on posted projects, including their proposed rates and timelines.

Payment gateway integration: The platform should integrate with popular payment gateways to enable secure and convenient payment transactions between employers and freelancers.

Project management: The platform should allow employers and freelancers to communicate and collaborate on projects, including file sharing, task tracking, and progress updates.

Rating and review system: Users can rate and review each other based on their experiences working together, helping to build a reputation system that helps employers and freelancers find high-quality matches.

Notifications: The platform should send notifications to users about project updates, new job postings, bid acceptance, and other relevant information.

Analytics and reporting: The platform should provide users with insights and analytics about their projects and performance, including metrics such as project completion rate, earnings, and ratings.

Admin panel: The platform should include an admin panel that allows administrators to manage users, projects, and transactions, as well as configure the platform's settings and features.

Overall, a Freelancer clone script should provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for connecting employers with freelancers and facilitating secure and efficient project management and payments.

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