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751 Linden Blvd #222 Brooklyn - 11203

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We are a diverse team of passionate writers, managers, editors, and designers determined to make your ideas come into reality. Ghostwriters

Ghost book writers started with a small group of eager young adults who bonded over their shared love for writing and coffee. We were literature enthusiasts, wordsmiths, avid readers, and nerds for cult classics. We spent hours engaged in writing prompts, short stories, slam poetry, fan fiction, anything and everything in some way or the other connected to literature and creative writing. Book Formatting Services

Colleagues, friends, friends of friends, and even strangers with whom we debated on the internet, would often recognize our spark and come to us with help regarding their thesis, project reports, blogs, etc. The spark turned into a flame slowly and gradually, and we had started to find it hard to fulfill our kind promises. Find A Ghostwriter

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