How to Mount LED/LCD TV

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Do  Want to mount your brand-new LED/LCD TV on the wall but don't know how? Although, it seems like an easier said than done job if you do not want to book an LCD mounting service you sure can give it a try.

The following is the guide that will help you mount your LED/LCD TV without any risk:

The Necessary Equipment for LED TV Mounting

To fix your television to the wall, you need a minimum of material, such as:

  • A drill with a bit adapted to the nature of your wall.

  • Dowels suitable for this wall and a pencil to indicate the places to drill.

  • A spirit level and an open-end wrench the size of the tightening screws (to lock them).

  • A wall bracket suitable for your television.

  • A Phillips screwdriver is suitable for the size screws.

How to Mount TV (LED/LCD) Following Eight Easy Steps?

Now that you have all the equipment on hand, you will need an assistant (relative, friend) to help you set up the television when the bracket is mounted on the wall.

  1. To start, use the holder and a pencil to mark the holes to be drilled. Be careful, ensure that the support is straight, otherwise, it will be fixed askew, and the television will also be askew!

  2. Install the specific bit for your wall on the drill and make the holes. Then drive the pegs into the wall.

  3. Position the LCD/LED TV stand, and use the spirit level so that it is perfectly straight.

  4. While one of you is holding the bracket in place, the other will put the screws in place and tighten them with the screwdriver.

  5. Depending on the supports (articulated arm or not), the installation method may be different, which is why you will also use the instructions to help you.

  6. When the wall mount is securely attached, all you have to do is mount the TV on it with the help of your DIY assistant. Indeed, a flat-screen weighs its weight, placing it alone can be difficult, and the television should be upright!

  7. Any items attached to the back of it must also fit perfectly onto the wall bracket.

  8. Make the necessary adjustments or orientation of the TV. Finish by tightening screws or nuts using the screwdriver and the open-end wrench to hold the television correctly.

Are you really worried that you will not be able to install the wall mount and the television? At Mr. Mahir, our technicians can take care of it for you!

Book Mr. Mahir LED or LCD Mounting Service

If you are still not sure you can mount your TV or do not want to do it yourself, you can book our technician searching with the keywords ‘LED TV mounting near me’ and benefit from our services. Booking our services is very easy as you can simply give us a call or leave an SMS or book through our website/ App.

But, Why Book Mr. Mahir for LCD/LED Mounting?

You will find a professional technician at Mr. Mahir who can come and mount your television on the wall while ensuring a quality service. Our skilled and experienced professionals are very responsive as we have trained them to be so during our weekly training sessions. In addition to this, we verify the technician who registers with us to ensure the 100% safety of your family and the sanctity of your home.

In terms of customer support, Mr. Mahir is the best as we have a vigilant customer service that handles all your concerns and complaints without any delay. And what makes our services all the more exciting is the market competitiveness of our prices. Yes, our services are reliable, safe, timely, and affordable too. So, do not hesitate. Trust Mr. Mahir and Book our LCD/LED mounting service Now!

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