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Dental sensitivity, as a symptom occurs only on certain occasions when the tooth comes into contact with hot or cold liquids, with foods that are too hard, acidic or spicy so we want to ignore it and try to live with the discomfort underestimating its severity. Dental sensitivity is a real problem and is often a sign of a permanent toothache. This is why it is much better to prevent and treat the sensitive tooth because with a short and easy treatment you can solve everything. Certain treatments can also be carried out directly from home.

The causes of sensitive teeth

Dental hypersensitivity is often due to two factors. In the first case the eroded and thinned enamel fails to protect the dental pulp which is particularly rich in nerve endings. Nerve fibers, once irritated by cold drinks, too spicy dishes or too vigorous brushing, cause pain and send painful impulses to the brain. It is a rapid and severe pain in the tooth. Another rather common cause comes from gingival inflammation that puts pressure on pulpal nerves. In this case you often feel a constant and painful pulsation especially when eating hot foods. The two types of hypersensitivity are treated differently.

The cure

If dental sensitivity comes from the enamel consumed, and we have an occasional toothache, the first thing is: go to the pharmacy and buy mouthwashes and specific toothpastes containing fluoride. We spread the gel on the teeth without rinsing it. Fluoride exhibits a mineralizing and desensitizing action on the surface of the enamel, so the pain wears off. In the event that we do not have the desired results and continue to have disorders, we must contact the dental clinic in Vikaspuri. The best dentist in Vikaspuri could use a lacquer based on chemical compounds to compact the enamel. This type of session normally lasts 15 minutes. The professional can give additional advice to avoid enamel loss or suggest other more effective products that contain fluoride.

If the sensitivity given by a slight gingival inflammation, the therapy consists of dental cleaning. By removing bacteria and subgingival tartar, sensitivity disappears. In case of more severe inflammation, patients are advised to take antibiotics.

Six-monthly check-ups to prevent dental hypersensitivity

During six-monthly check-ups, dentist in Vikaspuri can treat or predict the formation of dental hypersensitivity. It is necessary to tell the dentist in Delhi during the session which tooth is sensitive so he will try to medicate the problematic tooth immediately.

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