In which situations should you urgently consult the urologist?

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How many times have you consulted with a urologist?

It is recommended to carry out, from the beginning of sexual life, routine consultations with the best urologist in Noida once a year. This care makes it possible to identify diseases early, before they can cause complications.

But, in addition to routine consultations, there may be situations where urgent care is needed, either because of the pain caused by the disease or even the risk of serious complications and even death.

Diseases that require urgent consultation with the urologist

Acute urinary retention

The urinary retention can be defined as the inability to urinate, the bladder is full, but the patient can not empty it.

This can occur when there is obstruction of the urine channel, most commonly related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) or even failure of the bladder muscles to contract, which can occur from medication use or nervous system injuries.

The patient should be submitted, as soon as possible, to the placement of a probe in the urine channel, in order to avoid complications such as loss of kidney function.

Renal colic (kidney stone)

When the stones are located inside the kidneys, they do not usually cause pain. But when the stones travel through the urinary stream and reach the ureter, the canal that connects the kidney to the bladder, they cause obstruction of the drainage of urine, which accumulates, causing the ureter and kidney to dilate. This dilation is responsible for intense low back pain, known as renal colic l.

Kidney stone is a sharp, intense pain that cyclically increases and decreases, starting in the lower back and radiating (walking) to the lower abdomen.

It may be accompanied by sweating, nausea and vomiting.

Acute scrotum (sharp pain in the testicle)

There are several causes of testicular pain, but one in particular requires urgent care, testicular torsion.

Some patients have a failure to attach the testicle to the inner part of the scrotum, and there may be twisting of the testicle. This condition prevents the arrival of blood with oxygen to the testicle, causing very intense pain.

The condition must be corrected through surgery as soon as possible, in order to avoid the loss of this organ.

Urinary tract infection is also treated by the urologist in Noida

Urinary tract infection can occur in both women and men. In females, the most commonly affected organ is the bladder, causing local inflammation, which we call cystitis. When this occurs, symptoms such as burning when urinating, the urge to go to the bathroom very often, cloudy and foul-smelling urine appear.

In males, the most commonly affected organ is the prostate. Infection of the prostate causes symptoms similar to those described above, in addition to pelvic pain.

Although the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infection is relatively simple, proper evaluation by a urologist in Ghaziabad is necessary, who should examine the patient in addition to ordering urine and blood tests.

If not treated properly, a urinary tract infection can cause serious complications. Cystitis, for example, can progress to kidney infection, which we call pyelonephritis.

Some of the most common symptoms associated with this condition are fever, chills and lower back pain.

There are many other conditions that also require prompt care, including trauma, penile fracture, Fournier’s paraphimosis gangrene.

Therefore, if you have symptoms of any of these diseases, urgently seek the best urologist in Ghaziabad.

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