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Simandhar Avenue Opp. Nature View Building, Ashram Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009, Ahmedabad - 380009

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Pharma Coders is an advancing company that provides pharmacy app development for pharmacy business owners. We use the medium of the latest technology to create smart and versatile pharmacy apps for better growth and market sustainability.


By providing the most trusted, reliable and smart online pharmacy app developer in India, we enhance the performance and scalability of different pharma business owners. You can get access to a dedicated developer for your work on an hourly basis, who manages your entire development work independently.

We have a fast-paced, dependable and responsible team of pharmacy app developers that provides mobile and web app development for different pharmacy stores and business owners. Our team digs deep into your concern and offers a well-defined solution that provides you with brand recognition and economical growth.

Pharmacoders is the quickest developing agency that offers custom pharmacy app development and geared up to release pharmacy apps for enterprise proprietors. By leveraging the manner of the era, we create an area of sustainability and increase for pharma enterprise proprietors.


Being a leading pharmacy app development company, we provide scalable and budget-effective solutions for different pharmacy business types. Whether you have a standalone store or multiple pharmacy chains, our readymade product is carefully designed and developed to suit your business needs. 

Our ready-to-use MVP has all the business-friendly features for seamless business management. Suppose you want to customize your app; that can be done too. Our pharmacy app developers will brainstorm their heads to generate effective ideas for successive outcomes. You can now release the tension and manage your customers digitally altogether by just sitting in one place. 

Features in Our Ready-to-Use Pharmacy App:

With a professional, talented and experienced team of developers, we designed and developed the most solid, powerful and feature-rich pharmacy app by ensuring high usability, data management, and smooth functioning. In addition, our online pharmacy app solution offers the benefit of managing your business anytime from anywhere. 

  • Digital Prescriptions:- Your customers can upload their prescriptions in the pharmacy app by selecting the image from the gallery or clicking the picture through the camera. By uploading the image online, pharmacists can verify the prescriptions and prepare the order as per that. Your customers can also use the saved prescriptions and upload them every month or week to get a refill. 

  • Filtered Search:- Your customers can apply the filters for an accurate and detailed search of the medications. This will help them to get what they want at a quick pace with instant results. Then, after finding the right medications, they can directly add them to the cart and make a quick purchase. 

  • Safety & security:- We understand the value of your precious data, and that's why we integrated secure payment modes and created a secure system to store your database. In addition, by leveraging the means of technology and software, our pharmacy app developers created a secure and full proof system for 100% data encryption so that no authorized user can access it. 

  • Alternative Options:- In any case, if your customers couldn't find the medication or product that they are looking for, then the application will suggest to them an alternate option of the medication or product with the same components and elements which they can choose to purchase and get it delivered at their doorstep. 

  • Order Management:- Both pharmacists and your customers can manage their deliveries through their respective portals. The customers can check the progress of their deliveries. At the same time, the pharmacist can prepare the orders, respond to special requests, verify payments and assign them to the drivers as per the location. 

  • Discounts and Offers:- When it comes to discounts, deals and offers, everyone loves it. Our pharmaceutical website design and development is created in a way wherein your customer gets hefty discounts at their overall purchases. Your customers can choose offers and deals available in the app to enjoy the usage of their favourite products at a major discount.

  • Digital Payments:- With the multiple integrated payment options, your customers can use digital modes to pay for their orders. They can even choose cash on delivery option if they don't have an online payment option.In addition, we integrated the most high-end and secure payment modes for 100% safety. 

  • Refill Reminders:- You can use the push notification feature to send refill reminders to your customers so that they can stock up the products and medications they need. You can also share and remind your customers about the latest offers and deals by configuring daily, weekly, and monthly reminders. 

  • Ratings & Reviews:- As per the shopping experience and delivery services, customers can write down their feedback to help you make several progressive decisions and changes.

As a dominant online pharmacy app development company, we develop and design a customized solution by understanding your vision and business requirements.With a personalized solution, you can not only manage your business and customers but also go through the analytics and reports to make progressive and effective changes in your business. Whether it's designing from scratch, integration, or development, our pharmacy app developers can make all the customizations as per your business needs. 


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