Top 10 upcoming expressways of India

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Infrastructure in India is rapidly growing with many expressways of India coming up and various commercial property, residential property, and plots for sale emerging as a high-value real estate investment in India.

Real estate Sector in India is growing at a fast pace with it estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2030 and offers high ROI, tax benefits, hedge against inflation etc.


Here is a list of expressways of India that are being planned to enhance connectivity and boost infrastructure in India.

Top 10 upcoming expressways of India:

  1. Dwarka Expressway

    Dwarka Expressway is a 16 lane expressways of India. It spans across 27.6 KM connecting Dwarka in Delhi to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza in Gurgaon.

    This one of the best expressways of India eases traffic from Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. It consists of 16 lanes with 8 lane elevated roads and 8 lane service roads.


    Dwarka Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 7,500 Cr
    Project Lanes 16 lane(8 lane elevated+8 lane service road)
    Project Length 27.6 KM
    Max Speed Limit 6-80 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Shiv Murti, Mahipalpur, Delhi - Kherki Daula Toll Plaza, Gurugram
    Project Completion December, 2023

  2. Bangalore-Chennai Expressway

    Bangalore-Chennai Expressway is the upcoming expressways of India with a proposed 4 lane wide road. This Expressway, also known as National Expressway 1 connects Hoskote in Bangalore to Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

    This upcoming expressways of India exhibits 4 lane wide and new road spanning across 258 KM. It provides seamless connectivity in Southern India.

    Bangalore-Chennai Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 17,930 Cr
    Project Lanes 4 lane
    Project Length 258 KM
    Max Speed Limit 120 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Hoskote Bengaluru,Karnataka - Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram,TN
    Project Completion Before the end of 2025

  3. Yamuna Expressway

    Yamuna Expressway is the 6th longest expressways of India with a 6 lane wide road. It connects Pari Chowk in Greater Noida to Kuberpur in Agra. This expressways of India exhibits Noida International Airport in Jewar.

    The starting of operations of Noida International Airport by 2024 has attracted top real estate developers to initiate their commercial projects and residential projects. Property investment near Jewar at Yamuna Expressway could provide a promising real estate investment in India.

    Yamuna Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 12,839 Cr
    Project Lanes 6 lane wide
    Project Length 165.5 KM
    Max Speed Limit 100 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Pari Chowk, Greater Noida - Kuberpur, Agra
    Project Completion August 2012

  4. Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

    Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is the upcoming expressways of India with a 8 lane wide road. It is the longest expressways of India spanning across 1,350 km from DND Flyway in Delhi to JNPT in Mumbai.

    One of the best expressways of India, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway proposed a 8 lane wide road with expandable to 12 lane. This expressway in India features wayside amenities, electric highway, and wildlife crossings and plans to cut down current 24 hours from Delhi to Mumbai to just 12 hours.

    Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 1,00,000 Cr
    Project Lanes 8 lane wide(expandable to 12)
    Project Length 1,350 KM
    Max Speed Limit 130 km/h
    Project Major Junctions DND Flyway, Delhi - JNPT, Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Project Completion 2024

  5. Ganga Expressway

    Ganga Expressway is the upcoming expressways of India connecting Bijauli in Meerut to Judapur in Prayagraj spanning across 594 km. This expressways of India features a 6 lane wide road with expandable to 8 lane.

    Ganga Expressway is an upcoming expressway in UP that plans to cut down 12 hours from Meerut to Prayagraj to just 6 hours. It will be operational from December, 2024.

    Ganga Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 40,000 Cr
    Project Lanes 6 lane wide(expandable to 8)
    Project Length 594 km
    Max Speed Limit 100 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Bijauli, Meerut, UP - Judaur, Prayagraj, UP
    Project Completion December, 2024

  6. Bundelkhand Expressway

    Bundelkhand Expressway is a 4 lane wide expressways of India. It connects Kudrail in Etawah to Gonda in Chitrakoot spanning across 296 km.

    Bundelkhand Expressway connects Yamuna Expressway and Agra-Lucknow Expressway for a seamless connectivity with various parts of the states of UP.

    BundelKhand Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 14,716 Cr
    Project Lanes 4 lane wide(expandable to 6)
    Project Length 296 km
    Max Speed Limit 80 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Kudrail, Etawah, UP - Gonda,Chitrakoot, UP
    Project Completion July 2022

  7. Surat-Chennai Expressway

    Surat-Chennai Expressway is a 4/6 lane upcoming expressways of India spanning across 1,271 km. It connects Surat in Gujarat to Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

    Surat-Chennai Expressway is the 2nd longest expressways of India, after Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. It exhibits seamless connectivity for trade and boosts tourism. This upcoming expressways of India provides employment and features various trees and plants for protecting the environment.

    Surat-Chennai Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 45,000 Cr
    Project Lanes 4/6 lane
    Project Length 1,271 km
    Max Speed Limit 120 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Surat, Gujarat - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Project Completion December, 2026

  8. Delhi-Dehradun Expresswa

    Delhi-Dehradun Expressway is a 12/6 lane expressways of India spanning across 210 KM. It connects Delhi to Dehradun and reduces time from around 5 hours to just 2.5 hours.

    This upcoming expressways of India features seamless inter-connectivity with the best expressways of India like the eastern Peripheral Expressway, Delhi-Meerut Expressway, and Ambala-Shamli Expressway.

    Delhi-Dehradun Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 13,000 Cr
    Project Lanes 12/6 lane
    Project Length 210 km
    Max Speed Limit 100 km/hr
    Project Major Junctions Delhi - Dehradun
    Project Completion January, 2024

  9. Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway

    Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway is a 4 lane wide upcoming expressways of India that connects Bahadurgarh border near Delhi to Katra in Jammu & Kashmir via Haryana and Punjab. It spans across 670 km and is anticipated to be completed by December, 2024.

    This 4 lane expressway in India exhibits a trauma centre, Ambulances, Traffic Police, Bus Bays etc. and aims to cut down the current 14 hours from Delhi to Katra to just 6 hours.

    Delhi-Dehradun Expressway StatisticsDelhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 40,000 Cr
    Project Lanes 4 lane wide(expandable to 8)
    Project Length 670 km
    Max Speed Limit 100 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Bahadurgarh border, near Delhi - Katra, J & K
    Project Completion December, 2024

  10. Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway

    Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway is a 6 lane wide upcoming expressways of India that connects Mumbai to Nagpur. It is the longest expressway in India in the greenfield project spanning across 701 km.

    Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway is planned to enhance connectivity for national and international trade.

    Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway Statistics

    Project Cost ₹ 55,000 Cr
    Project Lanes 6 lane wide(expandable to 8)
    Project Length 701 km
    Max Speed Limit 120 km/h
    Project Major Junctions Mumbai - Nagpur
    Project Completion July, 2024


Road Infrastructure in India is developing at a very fast pace with many expressways of India coming up. Many 4-lane, 6-lane and 8-lane have emerged with new road and enhancing connectivity.

Road infrastructure development also led to various real estate developers initiate their commercial projects and residential projects with a promising real estate investment in India.

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