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visit Wat Arun in bangkok night tour

Bangkok, Thailand has some of the most beautiful attractions in the world. It would not be a worthwhile trip without trying the incredible street food available here. The street food is like none other. You can travel many places and try street food. But Bangkok's street food simply cannot be rivaled. While visiting here taste the one of a kind foods and even try taking a food day tour.

Street Food Tour Bangkok

There are so many places in Bangkok that offer specialty food. To try them all it is best advised to take a food tour. A food tour is a fun exciting way for anyone to see all that this amazing city has to offer. You will see all the vendors and what they have to offer. You will have the chance to get up close and personal. This is the best way to buy from many different food markets.

What To Expect From Bangkok Day Tour

The day tour starts with getting picked up at your hotel lobby. You will then be taken to the Golden Mount Temple. Next, you will visit Old Bangkok Neighborhood. Lastly, you will be taken to iconic Chinatown. The day tour is rather exciting and tourists love it. This tour is recommended as an inexpensive family fun activity that kids of all ages enjoy.

Bangkok Walking Tour

A great way to get in some exercise and view the city at the same time is by taking the Bangkok Walking Tour. This tour invites you into the colorful culture Bangkok has to offer. This is how tourists get to eat the tasty Thai and Chinese foods available at the markets. Here you will be able to try the best street food in Bangkok. All the tours offered, give tourists such a good way to learn more and engage more with the local food culture Bangkok has to offer.

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